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Cook Mobile 1.0

Category: Education

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Cook Mobile is a cooking school built right into your iPhone. Learn from recipes and videos about "how" to cook, not "what" to cook. Taught by Chef John Terczak, ranked as one of America's top chefs (Food & Wine Magazine), the course teaches the basic principles and techniques of food preparation. Without a doubt, this is the most extensive, detailed, well researched and comprehensive cooking education platform within the iPhone system.
In total there are more than 500 videos. Organized into classes, each class covers key issues. The later classes build on the concepts and skills learned in the earlier classes. For instance, you'll learn how to make a good stock, before learning how to turn that stock into a soup. The course is made for all cooks and chefs, from beginners to professionals. The principles and techniques are the same, regardless of skill level. Each class includes an examination so you can test yourself on your progress. The free download includes primary skills and prerequisites and sample class recipes and videos. You can download any of the full classes within the course for only $2.99 each. An amazingly low price for what you'll receive.
Have fun cooking and enjoy the results, your friends, family and patrons will.
Cook Mobile


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