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Flight Attack Lite 1.0.0

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Price: Free, Version: 1.0.0 (iTunes)


Flight Attack Lite is the FREE Lite Version of one of the MOST ADDICTIVE and AMAZING games, which are available at the App Store.
The INTUITIVE CONTROL, by using the motion-sensors and touchscreen, are simply AWESOME and make HUGE FUN!


In Flight Attack Lite you have the choice between two game modes.
You can try to beat your HIGHSCORE on one hand or on the other hand you have the possibility to play some DIFFERENT CHALLENGES to earn coins, which you can buy new bonuses in the shop.


In this LITE version, you have the choice between more than 5 DIFFERENT BONUS Levels of the full version !!!!


ALSO download this FREE LITE VERSION of the INGENIOUS and AMAZING Flight Attack GAME now and convince yourself of this ADDICTIVE EFFECT !!!

Flight Attack Lite


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