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Hypnosis ~ Sleep Soundly 1.0

Category: Lifestyle

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Hypnosis To Go! Hypnosis for Everything, Anytime, Anywhere! Take advantage of this free Sleep Soundly session for all you insomniacs out there (limited time only).

This app has a totally unique Hypnosis Mini Store which offers over 30 hypnosis sessions! Best sellers include Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Exercise More, Past Life Regression, Heal Depression and many more.

All of the sessions available on this app include Theta Wave Technology. Each session is enhanced with soothing music that quickly lulls you into the Theta Brainwave state. The Theta state allows your subconscious mind to listen and receive the hypnosis session for maximum effectiveness.

The Hypnosis Mini Store offers these exciting titles:

Anger Management Hypnosis
Alcohol Abuse
Arachnophobia Cure
Concentration (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Breathing Meditation
Contacting Your Spirit Guide
Deep Relaxation and Stress Management
Ending Codependency
Enhance Self-esteem
Exercise More *Best Seller*
Forgetting About Your Ex
Fibromyalgia Pain
Get Organized
Golf Performance
Happiness Affirmations
Heal Depression
Healthy Eating
Hypnosis for Diabetics - Stop Eating Carbs
Inspire Creativity
Past Life Regression *Best Seller*
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Physical Health Affirmations
End Procrastination
Sales Success
Social Phobia Cure
Sleep Soundly *Best Seller*
Test Taking Anxiety
Self Confidence Affirmations
Stop Nail Biting
Stop Shopping
Stop Smoking
Study Effectively
Sunlight Meditation
Weight Loss *Best Seller*

Hypnosis ~ Sleep Soundly


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