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Italian Barbecue 1.0.0

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"Italian Barbecue" for iPhone and iPod Touch is an application dedicated to lovers of cooking on the grill, fireplace, BBQ, indoor or outdoor. The grill is a real philosophy of cooking which crosses all cultures and all latitudes.
Italian Barbecue wants to emphasizes, in according to the spirit that accompanies the applications of Mazzanti Editori, which are the recipes of the Italian cuisine we can use for our grills. The recipes, that are divided into meat, fish, vegetables and other preparations, are organized by their regional origin, representing a veritable encyclopaedia of the grill preparations of Italian regional cuisine. Moreover, with the aim to protect and promote the true Italian food production, “Italian Barbecue” offers an updated list of certified products (DOP, IGT, etc..) to use for cooking on barbecue. This application offers valuable information, as well, on cooking methods, combustible, equipment and accessories needed for a perfect Italian style barbecue.
Italian Barbecue


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