New: StereoStudio Lite (Entertainment)

StereoStudio Lite 1.0

Category: Entertainment

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


StereoStudio Lite allows you to create stereograms, but you cannot save or share them unless you purchase the StereoStudio app.


StereoStudio is NOT just a stereogram gallery, but a cool tool that lets you CREATE 3D stereograms.

There are tons of stereogram images out there, but just viewing is not exciting enough. Now with StereoStudio, you can create your own stereograms. StereoStudio blends a block image and depth map image to generate a stereogram that contains repetitions of the block image and a convex (or concave) shape hidden inside (as described by the depth map).

Stereograms can be viewed by altering the foci of both eyes. StereoStudio also contains instructions on how to view stereograms.

Creating a new stereogram involves the following steps:
- Choose a block image (from the user's photo library, from StereoStudio's built-in block library, or using a random block generator)
- Choose a template image, i.e. the depth map (from the user's photo library, from StereoStudio's built-in template library, or using a hand-drawing system)
- Specify stereogram generation parameters
- View, save or email the generated stereogram, or upload it to our server to share with others.

StereoStudio Lite


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