New: Your Pregnancy Week by Week Lite (Healthcare & Fitness)

Your Pregnancy Week by Week Lite 1

Category: Healthcare & Fitness

Price: Free, Version: 1 (iTunes)


If you're a modern woman and you are pregnant, this application is perfect for you.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week is a practical guide that will explain the changes that you and your baby will experience during those 9 months.

With basic, attractive, dynamic, entertaining and direct language, you get access to scientific knowledge, without the barriers placed by using medical terms, and interesting tools to enjoy this stage of your life.

Weekly course
Log in, and every time you activate the application you will know in which week of your pregnancy you are, how your baby is developing and your probably delivery date.

Access a complete guide organized by weeks.

Keep your friends informed of your pregnancyƂ´s progress. It's easy: write the text you want and share the news on your social networks.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week Lite


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