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My Wines 2.5

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Do you love Wine? Do you like to try wine? Do ypu have a Cellar?
My Wines let you have every wine you tasted or drink often,
in your hand whereever you go.
With My Wines you can keep all the information about every wine that you try or keep in your on cellar.
Besides all information you need about wines that you have tasted or own, you can also record how often you have drunk them in conbination with which food, the variation in price, the location where bought and consumed and so much more!
What's more? My Wines will remind you how often you have drunk each one of them.
Also, if you have a personal wine cellar, save it into My Wines and keep all the information about your wines always.
Also, it contains a guide of varietals, their descriptions, aromas, flavors, country of origin, countries of production, the ideal temperature to serve at, the best meal accompaniement and much more.
And a Wine Glossary with more than 100 terms and you can add more words.
And share with friends or print all the wines you love.

- Add a complete information of your own wines tasted, with a photo of your label.
- Add all of your wines in your cellar to keep them.
- Modify or delete anything you want.
- Add how often you drink certain wines and with which food, their current value, and new characteristics that you think of.
- A guide to varietals and their characteristics.
- A Glossary of wine.
- Share a wine sending a email to your friends or to you.
- share your Cellar by email too.
- See your wines alphabetically, or simply tap your favorites.
- Search from any of them instantly.
- And much more ...

We are working to improve MY WINES with new features soon.

See also MY RECIPES in the App Store ... never been so easy and nice to have YOUR OWN recipes always, wherever you go.

See GARDEN GUIDE, a complete guide with the flowers and plants you love and have. Their descriptions, origin, needs of light, water, soil, weather, planting time, bloom time, care and pest and diseases, a complete Journal to keep tack your garden, and more.

See MY GARDEN in the App Store.
My Garden help you remember and manage the best way
YOUR OWN FLOWERS AND PLANTS... with a database which can be filled with every plant you have, its descriptions and monitoring care to do and keep trackings.
Create a To Do list of all your garden.
And the Garden Guide is include on it. All in one.
Also in MY GARDEN view your plants by location and keep journals with photos and notes. More and more about your flowers, flowering, budbreak, falling leaves, growth... and soon a Photo Tracking of your plants.What's New

- Add a wine from Cellar.
- Share your Cellar by email.
- Minor interface improvements.
- Minor bugs fixed.
My Wines


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