Price Drop: Secret Ballot (Entertainment)

Secret Ballot 2.0

Category: Entertainment

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 2.0 (iTunes)


Making decisions just got easier! Just enter the number of people voting, enter the choices everyone will be voting on and pass the phone around to cast your vote.

The final results are tallied and displayed instantly after the last vote is cast.

A fun app that makes decision-making more fun and less fuss!

Friends - Are you driving to the beach today or shopping at the mall?

Families - Are you ordering your favorite Chinese, Italian or cooking at home tonight?

Employers - Do you want to hear what your team really thinks or what they think you want to hear?

Teachers and Professors - Lead your class off with a hot topic survey without students having to expose themselves in front of their peers.

Fraternities/Sororities/Clubs - hold group votes and get instant results!
What's New

Now with an 'unlimited voters' option you can conduct polls without knowing how many people are voting. This addition is ideal for capturing the public’s opinion at store counters, restaurants, and trade shows!

Other enhancements include faster text entry and the ability to swipe between the winners and losers screen.

Secret Ballot


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