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Awesome Group Text Lite 1.1

Category: Utilities

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)


Awesome Group Text provides powerful support on sending group message to many contacts at one time.

The lite version contains all features of the full version. The only limitation is the number of group which you can create.

User Guide here

Key features includes:
1) Support to use your existing contact group to text group message
2) Remember the sending history so that you can reuse it quickly
3) Wonderful template design to save your time
4) Embed contact group management

Important Tips to use Awesome Group Text:

1) If you have more than one phone number in one contact (e.g. Home & Mobile), you are able to pick up phone number during selection.
2) You can delete the phone number from sending list if you want.
3) Use history to repeat the group text so that you don't need to select multiple group again
4) You can select template design background by clicking the icon on the right side.
5) You can delete template by sliding the row in template table view.


More detailed product description as below:

1) Select contacts inside each group, and if there are more than one phone numbers in each contact, you can select it one by one;
2) Support sending history, and you can reuse the history sending contacts next time;
3) Support SMS template, you can create multiple templates (with fancy edit functions);
4) Embed contact group management functions if you still don't have a contact group management application, you can create/edit/delete group and add/remove contact into/from groups.

Key notes: You MUST upgrade to iPhone OS 4.0 to support the final SMS sending step!

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GUI Design is provided by Elom Design.

Tab icons is provided by Creative Common.

Please send your question, issue, and suggestion to the following email:


Welcome to Google Groups below to discuss ZZ, Search “zz2010” in Google Groups

http://ping.fm/DrGR6What's New

1) Add "Group Text" option while double tapping the group icon
2) Add tips in Group Management so that users can use the app easily
3) Improve usability on historical record display
Awesome Group Text Lite

Reference: http://ping.fm/q2bfu

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