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Covers Free 3.0

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Price: Free, Version: 2.0 -> 3.0 (iTunes)


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Do you like listening music from your iPod/iPhone? 
Do you like doing it, and meanwhile watch your beautiful device?

Well, Covers is the best program for you! It is the first music player based on the albums artworks. 

Covers displays the album artworks from your iPod library, and of course, you can play music as well. If you tap one of the artworks, it shows the song list. After that, you can select one of it, and play it. 

Also, it can be a great screensaver, since like in the iTunes Artwork screensaver on the Apple computers, it can change the artworks.

How it works?
*Simple tap shows the album song list
*double to show playing controls
*To post to Twitter, set the username and password in the help screen, and push the Twitter icon from the player control screen
*To send a mail for me, just tap the mail button from help screenWhat's New

Fix for the scrolling issue on iOS 4
New icon
New player interface:
-Move your finger up or down to control the playing volume
-Move your finger left to see the songs of the actual album
-Move your finger right to see your album artworks on the screen
-Use the controllers to play/pause the music, or skip to the next/previous song

New song list:
Now, you can see when did you played the songs, and how many times.

iAd support
Only the first 20 album will be visible in the free version.

Covers Free

Reference: http://ping.fm/gVrfD

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