Update: DrinkStir (iAd Supported)- A BAC calculator and more (Utilities)

DrinkStir (iAd Supported)- A BAC calculator and more 2.0.2

Category: Utilities

Price: Free, Version: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2 (iTunes)


DrinkStir - An iAd supported BAC estimator and more. (DrinkStir Premium is available as an ad-free app as well http://ping.fm/prKeV )

DrinkStir allows you to quickly estimate your your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). Simply input your what you've had to drink over how much time and DrinkStir does the rest. Perhaps you've had too much drink and shouldn't move but find you have the munchies? No problem as DrinkStir will help locate near by Pizza and Chinese Food to call for delivery! Need a ride? DrinkStir can help you find a taxi cab too.

Please note that DrinkStir is no where near as accurate as a breathalyzer. This app is intended to provided an estimate and is really only meant for entertainment purposes only. There are too many variables involved to get a real BAC without using breathalyzer. Please be smart and act responsibly. DrinkStir is not responsible for your actions....

Please watch for more updates and improvements soon.

- Computes BAC based on number of beers, wines, and shots based on weight and gender and time.
- Color codes BAC results
- Quickly find near-by taxi cab, pizza, chinese food, convenience stores (WiFi Connection needed for iPod Touch)

A note about comments of the reviews in the Apple Store about not seeing iAds:

If Apple's iAd network doesn't send an add correctly the iAd banner is hidden. It is only available to click on if Apple sends it to the device. There are a lot of reasons why iAds might not be available including the iAd network being overwhelmed or no network connectivity. This is not a problem with DrinkStir(iAd Supported). iAds are currently only available in the United States. Ads are only displayed when sent to the device. If you don't see an iAd displayed try reopening DrinkStir again in a little while.What's New

- Updated Screenshots with iAds being served
- Minor bug fixes.
DrinkStir (iAd Supported)- A BAC calculator and more

Reference: http://ping.fm/203bF

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