Update: Four Spiritual Laws of Bible & Christ (Reference)

Four Spiritual Laws of Bible & Christ 1.0.1

Category: Reference

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.0.1 (iTunes)


Free, Dedicated, On-the-go Four Spiritual Laws booklet now on iPhone, iPod, iPad.

1. Dedicated designing with vivid charts to explain some examples
2. Designed according to Christians' sharing custom, eg. when you point the sentence on the page, pages will not flip, you have to slide to flip
3. Easy to share this book to others, there is a share button in 'info' page

1. 4 Spiritual Laws which govern your relationship with God
2. A suggested prayer
3. How to Know That Christ Is in Your Life
What's New

1. Fixed the bug of iPad version, the last page's content can be all displayed
2. Add content original hint at content index
3. Bookmarks more friendly, same page will be displayed only one time
4. More friendly in flipping, you can only flip page with some angle. So when you let your friend to point out the sentence in the booklet will not make the page flip.
Four Spiritual Laws of Bible & Christ

Reference: http://ping.fm/gPqa5

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