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iHelpTranslate 1.2

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Price: Free, Version: 1.1 -> 1.2 (iTunes)


The world only seems to be getting smaller. iHelpTranslate lets you quickly translate and share phrases between different popular languages. No matter where you might find yourself all you need is iHelpTranslate and signal to be able to communicate.

Have a trip coming up soon? iHelpTranslate allows you to edit and save your translates so you can be prepared ahead of time. With Copy-Paste support you can quickly translate phrases for your documents, messages, or sites.

iHelpTranslate uses the power of Google Translate to help you communicate and share.

* Copy-Paste Support
* Share on Facebook or through Email
* Quick easy way to select languages
* Set default translation languages for fast entry
* Edit and Save Phrases for later
What's New

The 1.2 of iHelpTranslate has been updated for iOS 4. Additionally we've added support for two new languages.

Reference: http://ping.fm/36GwO

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