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Provide hope and support for the lives of children! Why not become involved in global medical and food issues through isave?

â–½ Through reports and photos, the isave application aims to inform you about serious problems happening around the world as part of such global efforts as medical services, support for children and the removal of mines.

â–½ The isave iPhone application allows you to participate in the solution to global problems via well-established Japanese NGOs/NPOs.

Your support will save the children. For example:
- You can help needy children in Asian countries such as Cambodia and Bangladesh go to school for a month.
- You can provide a bowl of nutritious porridge that will save the life of a baby in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
- Nine million children die before the age of five every year. About 90% of them can be saved through prevention or cures.
- Fifteen people are injured by mines or unexploded ordinance somewhere in the world every day. You can support the removal of unexploded ordinance in Laos.

â–½ What we can do with isave

For example:
- With ¢45(45 yen), you can provide one bowl of nutritious porridge and save a baby’s life.
- With $10(1,000 yen), you can provide a mosquito net that prevents malaria. With $50(5,000 yen), you can provide treatment for 135 children suffering from diarrhea.
- In Laos, 1.6 pieces of unexploded ordinance can be removed for $10(1,000 yen).What's New

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