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SAT Flashcard Review 1.1

Category: Education

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)


SAT Flashcard Review provides over 5,000 simple, easy-to-use flashcards for studying for the standardized tests required to apply to most colleges such as the SAT, SAT2, and ACT.

Because there are so many words, chances are you'll be studying new words every time you open the app. You can also star a word if you would like to revisit it later. Star all your problem words, and you have an easy study resource for only the words you haven't yet memorized.

SAT Flashcard Review is free and can dramatically improve your score and help you chances to get into the school you want to attend.What's New

-Feature added to star a card and come back to it later.
-Feature added to view only starred cards.
-Smoother transitions from card to card. Less distracting.

-Bug fixes:
*About SAT Flashcard Review background is present
*Studying words beginning with 'X' no longer crashes
*shuffling intensity is now proportional to the size of the deck about to be viewed - results in faster load times.
SAT Flashcard Review

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