Update: Stupidity Test - Free Fingerprint Scanner Prank (Entertainment)

Stupidity Test - Free Fingerprint Scanner Prank 2.0

Category: Entertainment

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 2.0 (iTunes)


Have fun pranking your friends with this fun little app.

Place your finger on the scanner to scan your fingerprint to detect your stupidity.

Use the hidden buttons to rig the scanner and always get a perfect 'non-stupid' result.

Your friends will never understand why the results come out so abusive every time for them!
Watch them try to figure out how it works and eventually give up and accept their stupidity as a scientific fact!

* Realistic graphical interface
* Real Vibration and scanner-like sound effects
* 2 Secret buttons to rig the results with.
* Long list of Result possibilities.
* Animated cheat instruction screen

Very simple to use and very fun to play with.What's New

Added image scanning functionality.
Take a photo of your friends or choose one from your collection and scan it to see their stupidity status!

Fixed a couple of stability issues that caused the app to crash for some users.

General overall performance and speed improvementts
Stupidity Test - Free Fingerprint Scanner Prank

Reference: http://ping.fm/uxua0

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