Update: TV Beacon (Entertainment)

TV Beacon 1.3

Category: Entertainment

Price: Free, Version: 1.1 -> 1.3 (iTunes)


TV Beacon is a personalised TV guide allowing you to keep track of when the shows you watch air next and when they where last on.

Features include:
Keep track of your favourite shows
Sort by show name, when the last episode was on and when the next episode is on
Automatic timezone conversion
Settings for updating when the application launches (or not) and for remembering sorting

*Dates for show airtime's are only available for the native country the show airs in e.g Top Gear airtime's are for the UK

Results from TVRage
What's New

- Timezone conversion is off by default, go into settings to turn back on
- Small UI Fix
- Initial update replaced by automatic updates which will check every 12 hours
- Added the network the show is airing on
TV Beacon

Reference: http://ping.fm/YCEpT

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