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UrbanKite 1.3

Category: Social Networking

Price: Free, Version: 1.2 -> 1.3 (iTunes)


UrbanKite 1.0 & 1.1

* Use UrbanKite to search for businesses near you now
* UrbanKite will work anywhere in the world
* Review tips left by other users on the businesses near you
* Review all the tips left by a user, find where else they have been
* Leave your own tips on places you visit direct to Twitter or Facebook
* Augmented reality mode for 3GS, let UrbanKite direct you to your chosen location
* Post your tips to your Facebook network

New UrbanKite 1.2

* Twitter feeds for businesses appear on business page
* Businesses search/favourites sorted by distance groups
* Tweet reply to users and businesses
* Users can now choose not to tweet/update facebook status when tipping
* French language now supported

UrbanKite as featured in iTunes "New and noteworthy"

UrbanKite gives everyone something to talk about and a chance to share their favourite tips, hidden gems, moods or questions about their favourite places straight from their phone.

Want to find and share tips on the best places to visit near you, wherever you are? UrbanKite is a brand new service for your mobile that lets you do just that. Simply choose a category from the menu screen and UrbanKite will find the closest venues in your area, whether pubs & clubs, restaurants, music venues or even the nearest bank!

You can review tips left by other UrbanKite users commenting on anything from the quality of the venue, the atmosphere of the place or the attractiveness of the staff (people can be so cruel!). You can also leave your own tips which are automatically published to your Twitter or Facebook profile to be viewed by your network. What’s more, thanks to Google’s local business listings, UrbanKite is always bang up to date with the hottest new places. Simple.

UrbanKite Features:

- Up to the minute GPS and web based information on your location
- Lists the most relevant businesses near your location
- Highlights of popular places to go
- Search facilities for any business
- Sort searches and listings
- Save your favourite places
- Get contact details and business information
- Read tips from local experts
- Write instant tips while still at the location
- Post tips to Twitter with ukite tag to identify tips to other users
- Find like-minded users and discover other places they care about
What's New

iOS4 Support
OAuth support for Twitter (please note you will need to readd your twitter credentials)
New connections tab to easily access your social networks
Quickly select when tipping where tip is posted to i.e. twitter/facebook
Bug Fixes

Reference: http://ping.fm/PZ4Qd

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