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Indian language learning apps bring many aspects of language learning together into a single platform. Learning (or teaching) Indian Language is fairly complex. Most of the traditional class room teaching methods are tailored around memorizing the fundamentals. Kids in India tend to learn the letters over a period of time, as they are exposed to the language day in, day out. The same traditional methods will not work well with Non-Resident Indians as the kids exposure to the language is limited to the their parents speaking in their language and kids responding in English. Many language learning schools through the US and the world make it an effort to teach their kids their mother tongue. Kids can learn the spoken language very well. However, they need a lot of motivation and time to learn the writing and reading aspect of their language. Unlike India, the "writing" aspect of the language is missing in NRI's social life. Without the social support structure ( bill boards, signs, banners, posters etc), it's hard for the kids to learn, memorize and practice their mother tongue. We hope to bridge the gap by adopting "Montessori" method of teaching in these apps. This method is needed for non-Resident Indian kids if they plan to learn reading and writing. These apps bring the following aspects together: Phonetic sound of a letter Transliteration of the letter helps them in writing the native language in English Examples of English words those have the phonetic sound (for easy remembrance) English examples make them feel closer Able to trace and practice the letters Symbol of the letter. Symbols of the letters come into picture when complex words and letters are formed. Positional aspect of the symbol when used in complex words. Once the basics and fundamentals are mastered, the letters and symbols can be combined to form complex letters and words. The Phonetics enable them to form correct pronunciation.


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