New: Scribe Mobile (Medical)

Scribe Mobile 1.14

Category: Medical

Price: Free, Version: 1.14 (iTunes)


Scribe’s iPhone dictation solution “Scribe Mobile” delivers the convenience of handheld dictation with the near real-time file transfer of telephone dictation. Access your schedule and select the appropriate patient associated with each dictation. Dictations are securely transferred over your wireless network immediately upon completion.

Scribe Mobile allows dictating users with Scribe accounts to:

• Dictate reports
• Securely transfer files via 3G or wifi
• Improve physician productivity

Scribe Mobile is compatible with the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Organizations that are integrated with Scribe, providing scheduling and patient demographic information have additional user benefits:

• View your patient schedule
• Access patient demographics
• Reconcile dictated files vs. pending dictations

If the user is in an area without 3G or wifi, he/she can still dictate records and upload them the next time he/she is connected.

Scribe Mobile


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