Price Drop: Beer Roulette (Utilities)

Beer Roulette 1.0.1

Category: Utilities

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes)


The objective of this game is to get you drunk. You may also learn a thing or two about your friends, but you shouldn't be too surprised if you've forgotten it the next day.

To play you just choose between "Drink", "Dare" or "Truth". If you choose "Dare" or "Truth" the game will randomly generate either something that you have to do or a question you have to answer. If you choose "Drink" you have to drink the randomly generated amount. You may use the sliders to adjust the minimum and maximum amount that can be generated and you have to decide with your friends what units you will use. For example if you're drinking beer a suitable unit might be swallows of beer. While if you're drinking liquor a more suitable unit might be cl.

As this is merely a tool, it's up to you and your friends to decide the rules. For example, you may want to make it possible to refuse to answer a certain question or do a dare with the punishment to drink with higher stakes.What's New

- Fixed some spelling mistakes.
- Added iAd to cover for my development time
- Prepared for a major future update.
Beer Roulette


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