Price Drop: BlueSwap (Social Networking)

BlueSwap 1.1

Category: Social Networking

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


BlueSwap is the fastest way to share your contact information between iPhones & iPods! Perfect for new friends, groups, classes, conferences, etc!

No typing an email, phone numbers, or using your SMS/MMS plan. You also don̢۪t need to share your location or use WiFi like in other apps! Send more info than vCards/other apps using Bluetooth technology that̢۪s already built-in to your iPhone or 2nd gen iPod touch.

1. Only app to share ALL info - custom fields, photo, multiple dates, addresses, notes, etc!
2. Add other users to your Contacts in 1-click!
3. Keep track of who has added your info.
What's New

BlueSwap will continue to improve as Apple's new GameKit improves!

Additional Notes:
- Clearly works BETWEEN IPHONES AND IPODS 2Gs! BlueSwap is not meant for sharing between other devices.
- Only app so far that "layers" or allows multiple iPhone/iPod Bluetooth connections at once.
- Please continue to provide 'constructive' feedback on what would improve the app while it's free.

Version 1.1 Changes Include:
- Improved instructions in startup & operation
- Improved bluetooth connection timeouts



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