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CangJie Traditional Chinese Input 1.1

Category: Utilities

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)


This application is a tool for users to input Traditional Chinese words on iPad by using CangJie/Quick Chinese Input Method.

The current version supports:

1. CangJie Chinese Input Method on both version 3 and version 5.

2. HKSCS2001 code set.

3. To practice typing Chinese words by using an English keyboard.


1. 本程式支援倉頡第三代及第五代輸入法。
2. 支援 HKSCS2001字集
3. 熟集使用純英文鍵盤輸入中文What's New

1. Add Quick CangJie Input Method
2. put the input panel on the top of the keyboard
3. if there are more than 1 choice in typing CangJie 3 or 5, it will choose the first one rather than just hanging on.

1. 加入速成輸入法
2. 把輸入及選字介面放在鍵盤上方
3. 用倉頡輸入時,若多於一字,再按字母鍵時會自動選第一個字。
CangJie Traditional Chinese Input

Reference: http://ping.fm/ep4HC

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