Update: DiamondLight HQ - Easiest LED Flashlight for iPhone 4 (with iAds) (Utilities)

DiamondLight HQ - Easiest LED Flashlight for iPhone 4 (with iAds) 1.2

Category: Utilities

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.2 (iTunes)


PLEASE NOTE: This app will only work with iPhone 4, with built in LED. It will not run on 3Gs, or 3G, or iPod touch.

DiamondLight HQ (High Quality) is the newest LED flashlight application for iPhone 4.

The LED on the iPhone 4, originally designed for camera, can now be used to illuminate dark rooms in an event of power outage, or as an backup (or primary) flashlight during camping trips, and more! Possibility with the LED is endless!

DiamondLight HQ makes this much more easier with simple interface.

Unlike other flashlight application, however, this application has white interface by default, enabling users to also use the front screen as flashlight as well, immediately without having to switch interfaces.

Also, the app has two buttons for the LED control, for full VoiceOver Accessibility support.

And the best of all, the app is quick at turning on LED at a click of a button. In fact, LED will activate as soon as you launch the app. Easy as that.

And the most important feature: MUSIC PLAYING IN BACKGROUND WILL KEEP PLAYING IN BACKGROUND! (Because the beat goes on when the light turns on)

Full Disclosure: Use of LED light may decrease the battery faster than normal use. Use wisely.

Also, hate ads? There is a paid version available for 99 cents, which has no ads, and also has smaller text at front for maximum white lighting.

What's New

iOS 4.1 Compatibility Update

The LED light will now activate when application is launched. This means instant lighting without any button. Of course, there is the on and off button still, so you can disable the LED after the launch to save battery.

Also, I forgot to mention: This app will continue to play music in background, unlike some apps. Beat doesn't end when the light goes on.

Finally, hate ads? There is a paid version now available for 99 cents, that has no ads, and smaller text fonts, so front LCD can be used as full powered additional lighting.

If you have any feature suggestions, or comments, or smart remarks, don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter at http://ping.fm/W5Eem If you just complain that app sucks on review, I can't help you.
DiamondLight HQ - Easiest LED Flashlight for iPhone 4 (with iAds)

Reference: http://ping.fm/MCJkQ

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