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eController 3.4.0

Category: Lifestyle

Price: Free, Version: 3.3.2 -> 3.4.0 (iTunes)


Additional programming required for custom use.
Before downloading, please visit: http://ping.fm/cPnSW

Expand your iPhone and iPod Touch to control everyday electronics, including:
✓ Televisions
✓ Satellite or cable box receiver
✓ DVD players
✓ Surround sound receivers
✓ HVAC thermostats
✓ Lighting control systems
✓ Security keypads
✓ and more!

The eController allows remote control of hardware or software capable of TCP/IP and UDP communications directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Building on a vision of the Personal Area Network, the eController offers evolution in the control of many personal electronic appliances.

How it works… utilizing a “black box” sold separately by eLifespaces, GlobalCache, or a system controller (AMX, Crestron, Vantage, etc.) unit, your iPhone or iPod Touch will act as your personal remote control. Sending codes over the WiFi in your home or office, eController transmits instructions to the system controller to execute your commands -- a stylish (and inexpensive) alternative to other touchpanels.

The free starter App is provided to allow you see the application on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This App is supplied with traditional GUI (graphic user interface) templates which will later enable you to get a jump start using your eController. As you explore and expand the functions of your eController, have fun and use the guiDesigner to create more of your own GUI masterpieces!

Visit www.elxcontrol.com for more information.What's New

★ Gesture support
★ Advanced button actions
★ Embedded web view support
★ Sending a command and macro from single button press
★ Added printf support for feedback transforms
★ Added decimal precision adjustment for feedback transforms
★ Subpage always on top option
★ Send device ID on connection via serial join 10002
★ Send commands from lists when scrolling or reaching end
★ Send commands from input fields on text change and finishing text input
★ Report list position via Control System protocol
★ URL Schema support

Bug Fixes
✔ iPad loading screen orientation jolt fixed.
✔ Optional target value assignment in commands not effecting status bar
✔ Subpage z-order fixes
✔ GUI's smaller than the device resolution are now loaded into the center of the screen
✔ Page transitions fading by default fixed
✔ Cache corruption issues fixed
✔ Button active state rendering issues fixed (for transparent bg colors)
✔ Allow iPod music to continue playing when app is launched
✔ Horizontal lists now start at the left
✔ Lists remember their position after page flips
✔ Button overlay images in active state only now supported
✔ Use Math Expressions in option command target value assignments
✔ Dramatic speed improvements in list loading
✔ Dynamic images on hidden subpages no longer keep refreshing in the background

Reference: http://ping.fm/ftw2Z

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