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Great War II Lite 1.0.2

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Price: Free, Version: v1.0.1 -> 1.0.2 (iTunes)


Great War II is a real-time strategy game based on World War II.


The Axis is aiming to dominate the world.
The Allies is launching counter-attacks from one check point to another.
Who will claim the victory in the end? Let you be the one to decide!

-Choose to be the Allies or the Axis
-Build and upgrade barrack, factory, bunker, oil field etc…
-Command units and manually use their skills
-Each unit has its own special ability
-Use off-map fire supports via command centers
-Different strategies & actions are required to complete each level
-Adaptive Computer AI

Next Update will include:
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Multiplayer. Skirmish Mode. Endless Mode.

Thank you for your download. Please leave your comments so we can continuously improve the game.What's New

Game difficulty adjusted
Better tutorial
Improved gameplay
Great War II Lite

Reference: http://ping.fm/34Z6b

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