Update: iSecretShop - Get Paid to Shop! Mobile Secret Shopping. (Business)

iSecretShop - Get Paid to Shop! Mobile Secret Shopping. 1.5

Category: Business

Price: Free, Version: 1.4 -> 1.5 (iTunes)


Give. Get. Win! Say, "iSecretShop!"

Install the iSecretShop app on your smart phone today and turn your everyday shopping experiences into cash!

Businesses everywhere are desperate for vital consumer feedback - and they pay for it - and now, with iSecretshop on your phone, they pay YOU. Better still, part of the proceeds go directly to Strength.org, an incredible organization dedicated to eliminating childhood hunger in the United States.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Register as an Agent and the iSecretshop app will show you which restaurants and retailers in your area are looking for input from "secret shoppers". Secret shoppers are customers who go 'undercover' to give very specific feedback to the owners about the service quality and the customer experience they received. You discreetly complete an evaluation using the ISS application (think Secret Agent: gathering information, taking pictures of messy facilities, beautiful food, etc) then, send it back instantly through the iPhone. When you are finished, you'll get paid (cash, meal and purchase reimbursements, Buy-One-Get-One-Free Coupons and more)!

The iSecretShop app is FREE to you - it is the businesses who pay for the service. The businesses get vital intelligence, you get cash and compensation and the power of having your opinions heard by the decision makers at businesses you frequent and a phenomenal organization gets much needed assistance. Give! Get! Win!

The iSecretShop app is elegant, sleek and incredibly easy to use. Start a timer when you enter, then when you order your meal, to capture precisely how long it took to get service or your meal. Answer questions about every aspect of your experience and take pictures to back up your opinions! Was the restroom a mess? Click. Now YOUR opinion matters! Complete the secret shop as you walk out the door and you are finished. Not only will you earn money, FREE meals, and other valuable coupons, you'll also earn points and gain ranks in the iSecretshop Agency - opening up more and better paying opportunities for you as you advance.

Download the iSecretShop app today and Register as an Agent - The 'Power of the People' is with the App that Pays, records your experiences for establishments that trust your input - and takes care of its own.

iSS requires a device with a camera and location services enabled.What's New

Version 1.5 allows for flexible shop dates.
iSecretShop - Get Paid to Shop! Mobile Secret Shopping.

Reference: http://ping.fm/cgS9a

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