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Jelly SMS Free 3.0.9

Category: Productivity

Price: Free, Version: 3.0.8 -> 3.0.9 (iTunes)


Jelly SMS Free lets you to send free* or low cost international SMS text messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch!

*Free texts for all 4 Irish operators

✔ Send messages to any number in your address book. Select contacts as you would in the native SMS app.

✔ Configure settings within the app such as font, font size, message signature plus more.

✔ The remaining balance on your account is displayed

✔ Support for all languages (Unicode) **(only for My-Cool-SMS.com users)

✔ 'SMS My Location' feature which lets you send your current location by SMS.

✔ Set the default country code so you don't have to place it into each number manually each time.

✔ Forward or delete multiple SMS sent by Jelly SMS

✔ Send to multiple recipients at once

✔ Get replies direct to your mobile

✔ This app is fully accessible to the visually impaired.

✔ You can upgrade within the app to get delivery reports **(only for My-Cool-SMS.com and O2 Ireland users)

✔ You can upgrade to the full version with the app to disable all adverts and also disable the URL message signature (basically giving you the FULL version of the app)

✔ Upgrade to also enable multiple profile support so you can switch and use as many accounts as you like!

To use Jelly SMS, all you need to have is a free account with any of these providers. If you don't already have one, you can register within the app for free!

- My-Cool-SMS.com (Recommended * )

- O2 Ireland (250 FREE per month + delivery reports)
- Vodafone Ireland (600 FREE international SMS per month)
- Three Ireland (333 FREE per month)
- O2 UK (broadband subscribers may get over 200 free SMS per month. O2UK mobile users get 10 per month)
- Meteor Ireland (300 FREE per month)
- BlueFace.ie
- Clickatell Central (clickatell.com)
- freecall.com
- voipbuster.com
- sparvoip.de
- voipstunt.com
- netappel.fr
- voipcheap.com
- sipdiscount.com
- calleasy.com
- dialnow.com
- nonoh.net
- smsListo.com
- voipbusterpro.com
- voipcheap.co.uk
- voipraider.com
- voipwise.com
- justvoip.com
- internetcalls.com
- 12voip.com
- lowratevoip.com
- smsdiscount.com
- voipdiscount.com
- poivy.com
- webcalldirect.com
- actionvoip.com
- intervoip.com
- NetAppel.com,
- InternetCalls.net,
- VoipDiscount.info,
- Rynga.com,
- VoipZoom.com,
- BudgetSip.com,
- Intervoip.com,
- Jumblo.com,
- SmartVoip.com,
- Voipian.com,
- ActionVoip.com,
- PowerVoip.com,
- Telbo.com,
- VoipBlast.com,
- VoipGain.com,
- VoipLip.com,
- VoipAround.com
- VoiceTrading.com
- SipTraffic.com

See JellySMS.com for more info and a demo.

* Note: We have no association with any of the supported providers although we do recommend My-Cool-SMS.com as they provide the best features & most secure services including a secure PayPal payment system.

My-Cool-SMS.com also provide delivery reports and have full support for all languages including those in asian, arabic plus accent characters etc.What's New

- When replying to messages in conversation view, sometimes the recipient number was not getting filled in automatically. This has been fixed.

- Opening app store links from within help pages now works as expected
Jelly SMS Free

Reference: http://ping.fm/5N7GP

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