Update: MacLookup (iAd Supported) (Utilities)

MacLookup (iAd Supported) 2.2.1

Category: Utilities

Price: Free, Version: 2.2 -> 2.2.1 (iTunes)


MacLookup allows you to find the manufacturer or vendor of a computer or network card. Entering the first 6 digits of this unique number (called a MAC address or ethernet address) will allow you to track down devices on your wired or wireless network.

This program has three modes of input. You can choose between keyboard, 'spinner', and IP address modes.

In IP address mode, you can get the manufacturer of a device on your local subnet.

The database is stored locally, so no network connection is required to do a lookup.

The latest manufacturer codes from the IEEE have been imported, and regular updates will be provided.What's New

IEEE OUI Updates
MacLookup (iAd Supported)

Reference: http://ping.fm/EVHM0

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