Update: Mobile Edge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Business)

Mobile Edge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0.0

Category: Business

Price: Free, Version: 4.3.4 -> 5.0.0 (iTunes)


Mobile Edge for Microsoft CRM Disconnected Demo allows you to connect to and run your Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your iPhone or iPad giving you access to your critical CRM information even when you are outside of cellular network coverage.
The application is ideal for all users of Microsoft CRM including sales, customer service technicians and professional services specialists. Free Disconnected Client Software – The client application is free to use for demonstration purposes only. Contact iEnterprises to obtain the server software so as to allow a live connection to your Microsoft CRM system. Features - Mobile Edge for Microsoft CRM allows you to manage all critical areas of your CRM including Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities, Leads, and Tickets. Data is stored locally giving you quick access to your CRM information even when you are out of cellular network coverage.
Custom fields and objects that can be configured in your Microsoft CRM environment. In addition, it automatically synchronizes contacts with the device native address book for easy lookup from the native email and other iPhone/iPad applications.
The administration console that is provided with Mobile Edge also includes advanced features such as custom objects, pre-loading device data, centralized administration and interface mapping.
Disconnected Demo – By default, the application will be running in disconnected demo mode so that you can see what a Microsoft CRM application would look like on the iPhone or iPad. Each implementation of Mobile Edge for Microsoft CRM requires professional services so as to install our servers and enable connectivity to your Microsoft instance.
Please contact iEnterprises should your require this initiation, or for more information on Mobile Edge for Microsoft CRM.
When you launch the application for the first time you will be prompted for an email address. Enter a unique Email address. Then you will be prompted for your name phone number etc. Please enter this information even if it is not real data to start the demo.What's New

Push Notification for CRM updates, location services
Mobile Edge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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