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A mobile version of Fark.com. Fark is what fills space when mass media runs out of news. Fark is supposed to look like news... but it's not news. It's Fark.

NEW IN V1.3.3

* Fix crash for all 3.x.x users


* Please check the status of known issues or submit any questions or issues through the Settings -> Tech Support option in the app or visit our website support page at http://ping.fm/ealmQ We respond to every question or issue submitted in this manner.

* We cannot contact you or provide any assistance if you simply leave a comment in the app store.


* Get access to live FARK posts in each of the sections: Not News, Sports, Business, Geek, ShowBiz, Politics, Music, and Video.

* View links to articles and have access to web navigation controls without leaving the app.

* See comments posted by other FARK visitors and post your own comments.

* Enjoy using an elegant and intuitive interface.

* It’s FREE!


The first thing you should know is that Fark.com isn't a Weblog. Fark.com, the Web site, is a news aggregator and an edited social networking news site. Every day Fark receives 2,000 or so news submissions from its readership, from which we hand-pick the funny and weird notable news -- and not-news -- of the day.

Fark isn't an acronym. It doesn't mean anything. The idea was to have the word Fark come to symbolize news that is really Not News. Hence the slogan "It's not news, it's Fark." Fark was originally a word Drew became known for using online back in the early 1990s. He can't remember why, but his guess is that it was either to replace another F-word or that he was just drunk and mistyped something. He tells everyone it was the former since it's a better story that way.

The first year of it’s existence (in its current form), Fark received 50,000 page views. That's a respectable number for a site started from scratch. The second year it was a million. The number one highest-traffic corporate Internet hitting Fark's servers was CNN. Number two: Fox News.

What is Fark exactly? Fark is what fills space when mass media runs out of news. Fark is supposed to look like news... but it's not news. It's Fark.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this application comes from Fark.com. This content is not a production of nor does it represent the views or policies of Rade | Eccles, LLC. We are fans of Fark.com, and you should be too.What's New

* Fix crash for all 3.x.x users
Mobile Reader for FARK®

Reference: http://ping.fm/t6InX

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