Update: Multiplication Table 9×9 (Education)

Multiplication Table 9×9 1.4

Category: Education

Price: Free, Version: 1.3 -> 1.4 (iTunes)


We will add a kind of test(Ver.1.4).
----------------We changed the key placement in the window for question(Ver.1.3).
We will add the display of accuracy rate(Ver.1.2).
This is software for learning multiplication.

With the exercise mode, you sellect kind and row. And you push start button. So you are given questions.
When you answer all the questions,it is displayed collect answer and your time.

With the test mode, you sellect the number of question.
When you answer all the questions, it is displayed collect answer and score and your time.

When you answered all the questions collectly,you can update fastest time.
What's New

1)We have added a kind of test.
Multiplication Table 9×9

Reference: http://ping.fm/3s4Ql

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