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My Movies 1.7.2

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Price: Free, Version: 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2 (iTunes)


With ‘My Movies’ you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for download, transfer and playback of movies. The movies may be from transferred from commercial services, products or alternatively from yourself by drag-and-drop with the free 'My Movies' PC application.

For users: Obtaining movies from movie download services or other commercial offerings
Samples of commercial products using ‘My Movies’ to transfer and handle movies on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are commercial movie download services or ‘Digital Copy’ products that offer to use a ‘Digital Copy’ of a DVD or BD on a portable device such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To use ‘My Movies’ with these services or offerings please follow the individual instructions of the respective service.
Please note that these movies may be DRM protected and bound to a certain device. Moving the content between devices requires the permission of the content owner.

For users: Copy movies from the PC to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and vice versa
The free ‘My Movies’ PC application can be used to copy movies and other files from PC to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or the other way around. Movies copied from the PC can directly be played in the ‘My Movies’ app and movies copied from the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be played on the PC. Other files can also be transferred between the PC and the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch making it virtually a portable hard drive.

‘My Movies’ can be downloaded for free from www.fluxdvd.com/iphone.

Please note that file transfers with the ‘My Movies’ PC application do not handle DRM in any way. It is neither possible to add DRM nor is it possible to create a working copy of a DRM protected movie.What's New

Added download support for mobile networks
My Movies

Reference: http://ping.fm/gdMVZ

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