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Pinball Ride Free 1.2.2

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Price: Free, Version: 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 (iTunes)


Pinball Ride is the most intense pinball game on the iPhone, iPod Touch and now on the iPad!

This is the free edition of the game. It includes Burst Mode and online features. You will also receive 1 credit to get a taste of the Story Mode only available in Pinball Ride Unlimited.

Pinball Ride is an intense pinball game with an online competition system and social features, built exclusively for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

In update 1.2, we introduce a completely new Burst Mode specifically designed for your daily 5 minute break. We have added new challenges and exciting achievements to Story Mode, guaranteeing hours of fun. The game is also faster than ever, even on first generation devices.

The goal of the game is to reach the highest score, but you only have a limited number of plays to do it. To build this high score, you must progress through various challenges and unlock Jackpots offered by the table. Precision and focus are key to your success.

The game offers a long list of challenges using targets, bumpers and ramps that you will have to surpass to maximize your score. It also provides the classic "extra ball" and "multiball" rewards.

Facebook Connect allows you to compete against your Facebook friends. It gives players their rank based on score, and lets you compare game profiles. You can also publish your progress to Facebook directly through the game itself.

Pinball Ride reproduces the physics of a real pinball machine. The game runs at a very smooth frame rate to render an authentic feel. For instance, flipper controls are precisely tuned to replicate the feel of real pinball. The range of control makes the game easy to learn, but hard to master.

Pinball Ride features a table with an original universe and unique style. Pop-ups have a detailed illustrated look and the whole experience is supported by an original soundtrack created exclusively for the table. Meet exciting and mysterious characters through your adventure! Discover the city with its detailed buildings, large highways and slick lighting effects.


* Pinball simulation with a realistic feel
* Fast 3D graphics and amazing sound effects
* Unique table with original universe and storyline
* Illustrated progression and original soundtrack
* Various challenges and modes including multi-balls
* Story Mode plus a new innovative Burst Mode
* 24 Unlockable Achievements
* Online competition with Facebook friends
* Publishable progress on Facebook throughout the game

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Update 1.2.2
- Fixes Story's Boss Multiball crash.
- Fixes Flippers stuck in up position on certain devices.
- Fixes and Improves Facebook Publishing.
- Fixes Story Mode shortcut to Final Duel after the first city. (Skipped Masquerade and Hand Fight)
- Fixes rare Freeze in the menus.

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Update 1.2
This is the major update you've been waiting for! Pinball Ride is now, more than ever, the most intense pinball game available on the App Store.

Big News:
- Completely redesigned Burst Mode. This intense new mode will make your 5 minute break!
- Updated and extended Story Mode: New Challenges! New Wizard Mode! New Rules! New Achievements!
- iPad support as Universal Application - Play in Landscape or Portrait with High Definition Textures.
- Tons of usability improvements: Higher Framerate! More Options!

We hope you are ready for the challenge!
Pinball Ride Free

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