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Portland Cocktail Compass 2.0

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Price: Free, Version: 1.3.1 -> 2.0 (iTunes)


You need a drink in Portland... STAT! So let the Portland Mercury's Cocktail Compass find the happiest happy hours near you. Tap the app and in mere moments you'll have the nearest happy hour at your fingertips, along with its location, distance, and how long you'll have before happy hour is over.
Need more info? Tap the bar name to see a map of the location, call the bar, or share its info with your friends.

You can also use Cocktail Compass to search for bars in your area, or in any neighborhood in town. Check to see if it has Wi-Fi or patios (or both!). If you know the name of a bar--or almost remember it--browse the list of bars to find it in a snap.

Love a place you found with Cocktail Compass? Make it a favorite and find it again next time--even if your memory's a bit blurry on how you ended up there in the first place. Having too much fun? At the end of the night, hit the Cabs icon, and call a cab to take you home.

With carefully curated content--updated constantly by the busy staff of the Portland Mercury, so it's nice and fresh--and reviews and photos for featured listings, you'll find more fun and cheap deals than you ever knew existed.

Try Cocktail Compass tonight, and enjoy it always. We certainly enjoyed field-testing it! (Hic.)


* Find nearest open happy hours
* Search for bars with your preferred features
* Bookmark favorites
* Email bar info to friends
* Browse all bars and see detailed listings
* Explore new places and neighborhoods
* Impress your friends with your knowledge of great dives and hideouts
* Call a cab whenever you need it

Have questions or concerns? Please email us at support@nightanddaystudios.com and we'll get right on it.

Need to report a typo or update a bar's info? Please email the Mercury at cocktailcompass@portlandmercury.com.

For more information please visit www.portlandmercury.com. Headed out of town? Check out Cocktail Compass: New York, Boise, and Seattle with other cities to come!What's New

New Add-Ons for Cocktail Compass 2.0!

• Super enhanced bar listings, with way more editorial and user reviews, as well as the option to make corrections!

• Why yes, we are iOS 4 compatible, with new and sexy Retina Display enhancements!

• We've redesigned our "Extras" tab to include even more features--like "Add my Bar" for all you bar owners!

• And if you love to tap ads—our ads are now tappable! So tap away, ad tappers!
Portland Cocktail Compass

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