Update: ReelDeck2 (Utilities)

ReelDeck2 1.1

Category: Utilities

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)


NEW APP !!! Limited time offer, you still try before buy !!!

A super ReelDeck recorder with multitasking support !!, records and plays in background.


- Multitasking (look Apples homesite for requirements)
- Simple interface
- Records in .caf
- Monitor signal before recording
- Wifi webshare (download your recordings with a webbrowser)
- Email your recordings
- No audio compression for best quality and IMA 4:1 compression for small files
- 1000 fast recording 'reels'
- Starts at a empty 'reel' (if possible)
- No need to type before record
- Rename recordings
- Analog Level meters (3 options, tap on left meter for visual change)
- Peak LED
- Record seconds or hours
- Pause/resume playback/recording
- Seek forward/backward 5x speed
- Date/Time/File size on your recordings
- Progress time counter h : min : sec
- Erase recording, tap eject twice
- Shows warning on overwrite/erase
- Screen rotation 180 degrees
- Select sample freq. from 5.5khz to 44khz (Tape Speed)
- Reel tape simulator (reel animation and rubberwheel up/down, tape angel, reel speed changing to freq both in rec/playback)
- Full user manual in English & Swedish

My webpage contains latest information on all my apps !! If you have a problem with this app then follow link to my homepage and make a report !!!What's New

- Bugfixes
- iTunes filesharing

Reference: http://ping.fm/5CRIy

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