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Shift Work Calendar Lite 2.3.2

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Price: Free, Version: 2.3.1 -> 2.3.2 (iTunes)


I think that there are many people working at the retail trade and the hospital, etc. by the shift work.
Isn't it convenient to be able to confirm the schedule of your work with iPhone easily quickly?

This is a useful calendar application to such people.

It is possible to confirm it by the calendar by easily registering your shift.

Moreover, the calendar can be preserved as an image, and be set as a wallpaper of the idle screen of iPhone.

- Function
ï½¥Registration of shift pattern
The pattern of the shift of on an early shift and the night shift, etc. is registered.
The display name, the display color, and working hours can be set.

ï½¥Registration of shift work
It is possible to register easily only by selecting it.
*If you want to de-select your choice. Please touch date.

You can input note with Emoji Icon.

ï½¥The calendar is preserved as an image.
Because the calendar is preserved in the camera roll as an image, it can be set to the wallpaper of iPhone.

ï½¥Display on working hours, work days and holiday of one month.

・Google Calendar Sync (AddOn) ★NEW!
You can upload your shift schedule to Google Calendar.

・Multi User (AddOn) ★NEW!!
You can input and view other person's shift too.

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What's New

Some small bugs are fixed.
Shift Work Calendar Lite

Reference: http://ping.fm/DESyv

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