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Super Kaiju Hero Force #1 2.0.2

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Price: Free, Version: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2 (iTunes)


Herein lies the double-sized fantastic first issue of the Super Kaiju Hero Force origin story!

Not a game! Not a toy! Not an imaginary story! The Super Kaiju Hero Force is an original comic book series created specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Crispy Comics, now optimized for iPhone 4's retina display so that we can truly deep-fry your eyeballs!

Created by Casey Lau and Jeff Kwan
Over 70+ pages of FREE comic book action served up with Apple's iADs
Befriend a kaiju at Facebook.com/superkaijuheroforce
Twitter: @crispyfun

Presented in spectacular “Monster-Vision,” follow the adventures of three fanboys who become more of a part of Otaku culture than they bargained for. Starring breakout sensations Garganturo, Democules and Mungor also co-starring Daisuke “Bobby” Yamaguchi. if you like South Park, Ultraman, Godzilla, The Simpsons or you are just a good old fashioned geek - you need - nay - MUST read Super Kaiju Hero Force and leave your adult sensibilities at the door.

This is the FIRST issue of FIVE. Type "Super Kaiju Hero Force" to find other free issues in the iTunes App Store or send an email to allhands@crispycomics.com to get email updates! We suggest you start from #1 and go forward from there.What's New

- Fixed link to Super Kaiju Hero Force App Store page.
Super Kaiju Hero Force #1

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