Update: touchNOC (Utilities)

touchNOC 1.0.1

Category: Utilities

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.0.1 (iTunes)


touchNOC provides server management for sysadmins with
an iPhone.

touchNOC lets you
--Keep in touch with your servers anytime and anywhere
from your iPhone.
--Access key status, action, and alerts with a minimum
of typing...often in just one touch.
--Extend our bundled management functions by building
your own sensors, detectable conditions, actions,
and notifications, using the language of your choice,
e.g. Perl, JavaScript, UNIX shell, PHP, etc.

touchNOC is the iPhone management console that you use
to access the touchNOC service at www.touchNOC.com. You
need to have a trial or existing touchNOC account to use this
iPhone app. Sign up for a free trial at www.touchNOC.com.

NOTE: To test touchNOC you can login into our demo account
account: demo
login: sysadmin
password: touchNOC!Rules

Please, if you have a bug report or feedback,
email us at support@plexlogic.com

What's New

- will run on iOS 3.1.2
- some colors changed for better contrast
- number of minor bug fixed


Reference: http://ping.fm/Gpbr4

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