Update: Unofficial iJustine (Social Networking)

Unofficial iJustine 2.0.1

Category: Social Networking

Price: Free, Version: 2.0 -> 2.0.1 (iTunes)


Stay in touch with the latest updates from your favorite vlogger and even subscribe, favorite, share, and comment on her videos directly through this app! This application gives you full access to view all of iJustine's content in both a streamlined mobile form and in it's original form, offers full (optional) YouTube community integration and includes:

* A streamlined mobile viewer for her blog entries.
* A full built-in browser for her blog.
* Built-in SEARCHABLE viewer for each of her YouTube channels (ijustine, otherijustine, and ijustinereviews)
* Built-in twitter feed viewer for her latest tweets from ijustine or otherijustine.
* Built-in twitter feed viewer for questions submitted for askij
* Built-in functionality to share her latest articles and videos to your friends via eMail or FaceBook
* A streamlined view of all of her latest content in her store.
* A full mobile browser for iJustine's flickr account
* Read Comments and watch Video Responses without even having a YouTube account.
* Full YouTube community functionality. Optionally you may login with your YouTube account to rate videos, comment, favorite, and subscribe to iJustine's content.
* A Developer blog view to stay in touch with the latest updates planned for this application.

We've heard her say that she "doesn't have an app for that" but now by way of her loyal fan base, she does! The ultimate application for fans of iJustine - written by a fan of iJustine.

Application features a customizable tab layout, so that you can keep any of the items above in the order you want - right at your fingertips.

Coming Soon:
Better viewing experience for twitter.

This application has been designed to work best on WiFi or 3G carriers. As with any video intensive application - EDGE will work fine, but does not provide the most responsive viewing experience. For the best overall experience and highest quality video, please use WiFi.

IMPORTANT: This application directly displays YouTube video feeds and videos. YouTube makes videos available in listings before they are actually playable on mobile devices. If a video is not immediately playable, please be patient - as soon as YouTube finishes processing the video WILL play.

DISCLAIMER: This application has been designed to give you an easy way to browse iJustine's public content either in original form or via a sleek mobile condensed view. GeekUtils is not affiliated with iJustine nor is GeekUtils responsible iJustine's content.What's New

* Added iJustineForgot twitter channel.
Unofficial iJustine

Reference: http://ping.fm/poY4o

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