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If you play much chess you know just how much fun timed games of chess can be. Whether you are a casual player or a seasoned pro, having a chess clock at your disposal is a must. Free Chess Clock gives you the ability to have a chess clock with you at all times.

There are quite a few chess clocks available for the iPhone, so let me tell you why this one is better than the others:

1. This chess clock is beautifully designed.
Honestly, there isn't anything revolutionary about this timer -- it's just a fancy clock afterall. So if all chess timers pretty much do the same thing, what can set one apart from the rest? Well, this timer was created by a designer that has polished and refined it to a point that puts other clocks to shame. Why use an ugly clock when you can have one that can hold its own sitting next to your beautiful Staunton pieces?

2. It's free.
Again, this is just a clock. Save your money. You earned it. There are a bunch of chess clocks on iTunes anywhere from $0.99 to $10.00. If you can find something that these clocks do better than mine let me know. I will add the feature and release an update. I am not out to get rich, I just want to make a really great app that people will use.

3. No advertisements.
Most free apps are cluttered with ads or not-so-subtle attempts to convince you to buy something else. This one is ad-free. If you like this app enough to search out more of my chess apps, there is a tasteful little button on the home screen that you can browse at your leisure. No pressure. No ads. Ever.

4. Made with love.
I know it's a bit cheesy, but I really took care when I built this app. I love chess and I wanted to honor that passion with something really nice. Is that a reason to download this app? Probably not. But if you can relate to my love of the game I hope you appreciate my work.

Thanks for using Free Chess Timer. If you are gracious enough to look for a way to thank me, you can do me a favor. First of all, give my app a good rating on iTunes. Writing a positive review would be even better. Finally, check out my other chess apps when they become available. I have free demos of everything, so you never have to purchase anything until you are sure you want what you are paying for.
Free Chess Clock


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