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GPS Personal Track 0.9.1

Category: Navigation

Price: Free, Version: 0.9.1 (iTunes)


At this time DO NOT DOWNLOAD as it does NOT WORK and we
are submitting a fix for it which should be available in about 1 week
(around November 7th). We apologize!


We are having initial release issues

Current Bugs:
We are currently experiencing several problems. The GPS
appears to never acquire a signal. Secondly there is a network
connectivity issue which will cause the app to either freeze or lock up and crash. We apologize for this inconvenience. We hope to resolve in the next couple days with a new router we suspect is the issue.

GPS Personal Track is a GPS tracking application that allows you to track yourself for the following purposes:

- In case something happens to you
- Allow others to track you if you're on a trip
- See where you've been on a Live Google Map
- Any other purpose you may find useful

When you first open the app, simple pick a username,
enter your desired password and a valid email address (only so you can change your password later on our website), and start using your new App

- Variable send rate, from 2 minutes through several hours
- User selectable Accuracy (based on iPhones internal accuracy only)
- Password protected so only you and those you want to allow can track you
- email friends your current location via Google map link
- live in App Google Map to view your current location
- Sends location updates after internet is temporarily down.

Future Enhancements:
This app is not even version 1.0.0, so we have LOTS of ideas
to add on new features, and since its FREE at this time, its a great way to try it out and give us feedback on features you'd like us to add later.


This software comes with no guarantees of service or operation. Any bugs discovered should be reported to us for future releases. Do not rely on this device for any GPS related critical activity. We do not gurantee it will perform as expected under any and all circumstances and should not be used as a primary GPS device.

Prolonged or continuous use of this GPS app will reduce your battery life. Review our FAQ for more information:

GPS Personal Track


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