New: TalesHero_Free (Entertainment)

TalesHero_Free 1.0

Category: Entertainment

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


1. Introduction
This portrays the story of a warrior who ventures to save the princess of a kingdom. It has all amusing elements to be included in an arcade game, such as attack, move, jump, surmount on a moving object, etc.

2. It is an interesting game in which one should reach the destination by manipulating the on-off switch to open a closed door. Diverse items make the journey even more exciting.

3. Auto-save system allows a convenient use with no need for saving every time in turning over a stage. Pretty graphic and bright colors enable the user to enjoy the game feeling at ease.

4. Each stage is given featured events or entertaining events in which you can score up along with some mission. Each of diverse stages has been beautifully described based on different backgrounds: In the woods (Stage 1), ice (Stage 2), desert (Stage 3) and lava (Stage 4).

5. Where it is blocked up, you can open the deadlock and proceed by means of a switch placed nearby, which doubles the joy of the adventure.

6. Diverse long-distance attacks: 10 stones are given at the beginning of a stage. Obtaining one item gives you 5 stones. You can throw them using T button. Jump attack: Press button A in a state of jump.



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