Price Drop: MazeArt for iPad (Games)

MazeArt for iPad 1.5

Category: Games

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.5 (iTunes)


Free for a limited time to celebrate launch of MazeArtPlus with 60 mazes, 5 levels per character.

Sept'10: MazeArt for iPad featured as New and Noteworthy in Educational Games category.

The mazes kids solve on paper just got a new animated 3D look..

Mazes are known to be an excellent tool for learning spatial and problem solving skills.

With fun and interactive element added, your kids will be really motivated to solve those mazes.

Check out this unique application designed to keep your kids engaged with the animated maze game with 3D characters. A character needs help to reach its destination. It will follow the path that you trace in the maze and award you with unique celebration movie.

Don't be surprised if your child comes and tells you proudly that he/she solved a maze..

The full version features

- 12 different 3D animated characters,
Fanny the fish looking for treasure chest
Bailey the ballerina trying to reach a stage to perform
Marvin the Mouse looking for cheese
Firetruck looking for fire in the jungle.
Danny the diver looking for his boat
Barry the bird looking for its nest.
Papa penguin looking for eggs.
Felicia the fairy looking for her castle.
Sammy the soccerball looking for the net.
Schoolboy Bobby trying to reach his school.
Simona the squirrel wants acorns.
Puppy peter wants to go home.

- Each character has its own maze to be solved.
- Unique and fun soundtracks for each character.
- Reference maze
- character leaves tracks as it traverses through the maze.
- celebration movie after solving the maze.
- kids voice for instructions.
- easy navigation through the application.


- From the middle of the maze if you want to go back, just shake the device.
- You can tilt the device to get a different camera angle.
- Lift your finger from the screen to reorient the maze.What's New

- Smoother navigation.
- Zoom capability, zoom in to get the 3D view and zoom out completely to get the 2D top view.
- Capability to restart playing the maze.
- Home button to go back while playing the maze.
- A new character for halloween. Cute Gary the Ghost wants to reach ghost house.
- Better videos.
MazeArt for iPad


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