Price Drop: Rodger The Racoon (Entertainment)

Rodger The Racoon 1.1

Category: Entertainment

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


***Rodger The Racoon - Strictly for adults***

This Foul mouth racoon comes to the iphone to insult, swear and basically be terribly offensive.

He may look cute, but Rodger is far from a normal racoon. He Swears, Insults and has a few crude jokes up his sleeve..If he had sleeves of course!!

Rodger features over 70 Foul Phrases, With more being added on a regular basis.

Touch Rodger to invoke an Insult or something equally as rude!
Touch Rodgers Tail to repeat the last insult.
Touch Rodgers foot to make him show you exactly how he is feeling!!
Plus keep an eye out for the filthy mouthed Blue Bird that's flying around.

Got a rude word youd like Rodger to shout at you? Email us your swear words, rude jokes and one liners and we will add the best submitted every month!!

This is just the beginning of Rodgers journey! Stay Tuned.
Rodger The Racoon


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