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在宽带与无线互联网带来颠覆性革新及新旧媒体融合的时代,凤凰新媒体引领着互联网、手机、电视的联动组合传播与3G时代的手机媒体化创新。在Alexa网站排名中,凤凰网位列全球传统媒体门户网站排名前三,亚洲和大中华地区稳居第一。 凤凰网,主流门户,中坚力量!
Phoenix New Media focuses on serving 100 million mainstream Chinese internet users through integrated online and mobile platforms. The ifeng.com and wap.ifeng.com sites are dedicated portals on wired and wireless Internet with comprehensive news, in depth interviews, commentary columns, products and services in finance and entertainment, interactive and social networking applications in text, picture, video, and audio formats, and leveraging scarce and influential resources from the parent company Phoenix TV. Phoenix New Media ranks top 5 among Chinese portals, with a highly educated, professional, and influential audience.What's New


Reference: http://ping.fm/sjhE1

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