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CFI Tools Crosswind Calculator Free 4.03

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Price: Free, Version: 4.02 -> 4.03 (iTunes)


CFI Tools Crosswind Calculator

PURPOSE: The Crosswind app is used to calculate the crosswind and headwind components of the wind relative to a given runway heading.

It's a simple tool used to explain a complex topic.

HOW TO USE the Crosswind Calculator: 

- Select the Runway 

- Select the Wind Direction 

- Select the Wind Speed 

- See the Solution

FREE version

The FREE version of the CFI Tools Crosswind Calculator is a fully functional version of the original App. However it contains advertisements. If you would like this App without advertisements you can purchase the no-ads version for a modest fee.

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About CFI Tools

I'm a Pilot and a CFI. I build these iPhone apps and other software for my own use.

Some other pilots saw them and said "Hey you should sell those".

So here they are for sale. I hope you enjoy them. Any suggestions for improvement or new apps are always welcomed. Have a good flight.
What's New

- Add Canadian Runway Friction Index CFRI

CFI Tools Crosswind Calculator Free

Reference: http://ping.fm/kCbRv

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