Update: CWR Mobile CRM v4.2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Business)

CWR Mobile CRM v4.2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Category: Business

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As a smart client application for field sales and service people, CWR Mobile CRM leverages the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and the advanced connectivity of the iPhone.

Our flagship product, CWR Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM, is a leading mobile application that enables rapid deployment of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product to users with wireless handheld devices.

CWR Mobility's Mobile CRM provides your field force with timely, convenient access to customer and corporate data while reducing the time they need to spend developing time-consuming reporting for management.

CWR Mobile CRM makes your sales and service teams more effective, and more efficient.

NOTE: This client requires a Server component which you can download from our website www.cwrmobility.com. There you can also request a 30-day trial version.What's New

Added new CRM actions, such as:
- Send Email
- Close/Reopen Opportunity
- Convert Activities
- Resolve/Cancel/Reactivate Case
- Convert Lead

All configurable from the server.

- Some bugfixes related to Activities.
CWR Mobile CRM v4.2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Reference: http://ping.fm/PHJnC

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