Update: iRidiumHD (Lifestyle)

iRidiumHD 1.5

Category: Lifestyle

Price: Free, Version: 1.4.3 -> 1.5 (iTunes)


iRidium mobile transforms iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into the control panel of your home, office.

AMX, KNX, ModBus (TCP, RTU, ASCII), Shturman(R2V07, D12SS20), Domintell, Inels, TECO and any AV equipment’s support.

The possibilities of the program
The creation different beautiful and stylish graphic interfaces (animation, translucency, dynamic buttons, different backgrounds, sliders and so on).
Camera’s control.
JPEG, MJPEG videostream support.
Any AV equipment’s adjustment and control
Media - server XBMC support.
Converting of projects which were created in AMX TPDesign4, ProntoEdit Professional 2.
The usage of iRidium for systems’ control:
- Light
- Security
- Video
- AV equipment
- Media - servers
- Window coverings
- Irrigation systems

Typical interfaces are available for the fast adjustment of iRidium, which you can adjust for your project.

Please visit our site www.iridiummobile.net for more detailed information.What's New

[iOS] List support added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_CLEAR command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_ADD command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_RESISTENCE command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_SCROLL_COLOR command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_SCROLL_BAR command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_INDENT command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_SELECT command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_CHANNEL command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_TEXT command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_UNICODE command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_BITMAP command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_FLIP_CLEAR command added
[iOS] [AMX] IRLB_FLIP_ADD command added
[iOS] [AMX] Sending commands to elements feature added
[iOS] [AMX] Support of text indents when using borders
[iOS] [AMX] Chamelion image displaying fixed
[iOS] [AMX] Text effects added
[iOS] [AMX] POPUP, PAGES (FADE, SLIDE) showing up effects added
[iOS] [AMX] Level inversion feature added
[iOS] [AMX] Sending values to levels feature added
[iOS] [AMX] Sending increment to a level feature added
[iOS] [AMX]

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