Update: iRule (Lifestyle)

iRule 1.71

Category: Lifestyle

Price: Free, Version: 1.70 -> 1.71 (iTunes)


iRule - Universal remote control application for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Easy to program and maintain, allowing you to control your home theater with a customized color touch screen remote.

The iRule includes an online editor allowing you to customize the look and feel of your remote. The iRule allows you to upload your own images as well as share device control and images with other users -

** Please note that for full functionality, the iRule requires a hardware Gateway used to control consumer electronic devices except devices that support direct network control. The iRule is compatible with the Global Cache products รข€“ http://ping.fm/hlX3o **

The iRule remote includes a vast IR database covering most consumer electronics devices, found in a home theater.

What's New

1. Support for non English Languages.
2. Added support for domain name for a Gateway address.
3. Improved GC-100-12/18 Relay support.
4. Fixed HTTP commands with username and password issue.
5. Improved Gateway connectivity.


Reference: http://ping.fm/G4CR8

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